Added som "new" guitars.
SuperSwede bass, Swede
and a H12 with changed
neck from factory. 

Having kids takes time.
So it has been a while since
last update.
But here are 2 "new" hags!
The Patch 2000 synth guitar
and a red-head Partner. 

Two more guitars added
to the collection, one Partner
and also a near mint HIII!

I have bought a HIII (Scandi)
again, this is my number 4.
Really nice guitar!

I have added a HIII (Scandi)
that I bought last year and
missed posting on this website.
More guitars on the way...

After a little break (again)
I'm back with more!
Elvis Viking is finally in
my collection. Also a rare
6-stringed bass!
Also some accordions have been
acquierd, for example a
really early one....

Rune & Me
This is me and Rune Gustafsson, one of the finest jazzguitarists. Both of his Hagstrom guitars are now in my collection. It was an honor to meet this legend!


The purpose with this site is to show my collection of fine instruments and memorabilia of the Swedish brand Hagström.
If you want help or have questions, like what year a specific instrument is made etc...then please use the message board(Forum) and ask.
If you're selling an instrument or want to send a gift or something. Contact me by pressing the "Contact" button. Alternatively you can post at the message board.

You can also visit HagstromSweden at Facebook, HagstromSweden.

About me
I began collecting Hagström instruments after seeing a "Black vintage Swede" on a webshop. At the same time, a documentary about Hagström was sent on TV and that made me start collecting.
I decided to sell the two Epiphone guitars I had, one SG Custom and one Black Beauty.
The first Hagström instrument I bought was in January 2005 and it's still in my collection (see the Hagström Swede -1973).



Exhibition/Festivals of 2016
-June 11, Vårgårda -Nostalgifestivalen 2016

Exhibition/Festivals of 2011
-May 28, Lerum -Nordic Guitar Club 2011

Exhibition/Festivals of 2010
-May 8, Lerum -Spotnicksfestivalen 2010
-May 28-29, Tidaholm -Bluesfestivalen 2010
-June 12, Vårgårda -Nostalgifestivalen 2010
-November 13, Mellerud -Melleruds Gitarrfestival 2010

Exhibition/Festivals of 2009
-May 23, Lerum -Spotnicksfestivalen 2009
-June 13, Vårgårda -Nostalgifestivalen 2009


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